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A number of resources are required for guild hall completion, so here’s a handy guide of what we need, on how to make them! This guide will be updated as more materials are discovered.

If you would like to help us finish the guild hall, please send any ingredients to the guild treasury, or if not possible, to the guild treasure trove or mailed to an officer.

  1. Linseed Oil

Linseed Oil is used for Workshop upgrades, and requires the following components:

20 Piles of Flax Seeds
5 Milling Stones
1 Milling Basin

Piles of Flax Seeds – these are harvested from flax nodes all around Heart of Thorns maps, so keep an eye out! In addition, there are a few “flax farms” hidden in the game, that average around 15 flax if you have a gathering bonus. The easiest can be found under the Jaka Itzel waypoint in Verdant Brink. Simply jump off the north edge of the village, and glide to the bottom to avoid falling damage.

Milling Stones – these are found in airship cargo, containers that spring up in Verdant Brink as events are completed. They are opened with Pact Crowbars, which are rewarded from doing events, and can be bought with airship parts (also reward for doing events).

Milling Basin – purchased from any cooking trainer. Relatively cheap.

Tip: once per account, You can get 10 Linseed Oil from the story achievement “Conservation of Resources”

2. Empty Keg

Empty Kegs are used in Tavern Upgrades. A level 400 chef can make them with:

3 Vials of Linseed (see above)
10 Mithril Ingots
10 Elder Wood Planks

3. Glass Mug

Glass Mugs are also used in Tavern upgrades. A level 400 jewelcrafter can make them with:

3 Lumps of Glass
1 Thermocatalytic Reagent

Lumps of Glass – made from jewelcrafters, requiring the following:

3 Pile of Coarse Sand
1 Thermocatalytic Reagent

Coarse Sand – you have about a 50% chance of getting a pile of coarse sand when using 10 Piles of Silky Sand. Silky Sand is frequently awarded from doing events in both Dry Top and Silverwastes.

Thermocatalytic Reagents – can be bought from any crafting trainer.

4. Ley-Line Infused Tool

These tools can be made by level 400 weaponsmiths. They require:

1 Charged Quartz crystal
1 Leyline Spark
1 Orichalcum Mining Pick
50 Bloodstone Dust

Charged Quartz – can be received once/day by combining 25 quartz crystals at a hero point. These are account bound and cannot be traded

Leyline spark – obtained from Crystalized Caches that appear periodically in the Tangled Depths. These require specific keys to open, which can be bought from Nuoch vendors using the Tangled Depths map currency. This requires you to have the 3rd Nuoch mastery. You can also get 15 of these from doing the Heart of Thorns story missions in Tangled Depths.

We appreciate anything you can contribute!