Mission Logan: Salad Dressing

Episode 1

Let’s face it. Logan’s armour, as much as he likes it… Looks pretty much meh. So we’re outsourcing Logan’s disinterest in fashion wars to the guild, courtesy of Tabs and Grumpy. Poor Logan.

Criteria for selection

  1. Affordable: Max cost of 50g including dyes/whatever. The lower the better.
  2. We’re focusing on just body gear… Staff if you want to include is up to you (we may do an Episode 2 for weapons)
  3. Logan likes it, at least partially.
  4. It’s for a Sylvari Ele, see pics below.
  5. Deadline is by 01:00 server time Sunday 9th August!


  1. Dyes available to Logan:
    1. All fine, uncommon.
    2. Rare: Celestial, Redemption, Evening Grass, Crisp Mint, Midnight Blue, Royal Blue, Iris, Hot Pink, Shadow Purple.
  2. Special armour pieces available already:
    1. List TBA.
  3. Send your screenshots to Tabs via Telegram, link through mail, or ask for email address. They will be listed below.

Pics of Logan’s ele




Just one winner!

  • One minipet of your choice from our selection
  • A selection of T6 mats for you to choose from