The biggest piece of news: Heart of Thorns have an official release date of October 23rd, 2015! That’s less than 2 months to get ready for the new content coming our way.

Not only that, but Anet announced that the base game Guild Wars 2 is now available free to play, albeit with some restrictions, mostly to keep the economy in check. For a detailed look on the differences between free accounts, paid accounts, and Heart of Thorns accounts, please refer to this page:

Not only that, but shortly after the launch of Heart of Thorns, Anet will be introducing RAIDS to the game. These will be 10-man instanced dungeons, that will require new levels of strategy and mastery over the game. Not only that, but conquering these raids is required for a new set of equipment: legendary armor! For an overview of raid content, please refer to this page:

If you haven’t been keeping up with all the new content coming in Heart of Thorns, Anet recently updated their site, which summarizes many of the new features:

We’ll keep you updated as we decide how Phi is going to handle a lot of this new content.