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The Dragonfly Effect [Phi]

The Dragonfly Effect [Phi] is a diverse and social guild with a focus on pun in the sun. Or the dark side, we’re not picky. Born way back in 2009 (GW1), we’ve grown as an international community to include many nationalities, time zones, casual and hardcore gamers, and the social and socially awkward. Wanna join? Bring puns, dadjokes, dank memes, and food pics to make everyone hungry, kthnx, you’re in.



We have an ongoing Fractal Initiative to get folks with all levels of experience worked up to T4s and CMs. Progression, training, advice and fun all included! We have fractal events twice a week (see the calendar at the top of the page) and plans for more as scheduling allows.

Hit up Valkyrie or CedarDog for more info, or join our telegram chat to get started!

Guild Missions

Join Phi for our Phantastic weekly missions!

Enjoy the events, socialize with guildmates and earn Guild Commendations for each Mission you complete with Phi.
Treks ✓ Bounties ✓ Races ✓ Challenges ✓ Puzzles ✓
Stick around at the end and join us for the WvW mission as well if you’re on Dragonbrand.

Held on Sundays at 01:45 UTC.
Meet in Guild Hall and sign-in to Mumble (not required, but recommended).
Come and be a part of what makes Phi so much fun!


[Phi]’s home server is Dragonbrand and a lot of us enjoy this gamemode. We’re always looking for more people to take with us to the mist wars – if you’re interested in joining, read on!

We intentionally practice tactics and strategies in order to be as efficient and effective as possible. Our manner is casual. Our attitude isn’t.

If you are not on Dragonbrand but want to be, we have a server transfer assistance fund. For more information, check the description on our WvW channel in Mumble.

Voice comms

We’re currently using our guild channels on Dragonbrand’s Teamspeak server while our new app is being developed and coded by a couple of your guildies. 🙂 Please sit tight. If you have any questions, drop Tabs a message.


Guild chat doesn’t stop when you quit the game.
Join us on Telegram and chat anytime!

Telegram is available as on browser, PC/Mac, and smartphone.

Message Tabs in game to join the Phi chat.