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The Dragonfly Effect [Phi]

The Dragonfly Effect [Phi] is a diverse and social guild with a focus on pun in the sun. Or the dark side, we’re not picky. Born way back in 2009 (GW1), we’ve grown as an international community to include many nationalities, time zones, casual and hardcore gamers, and the social and socially awkward. Wanna join? Bring puns, dadjokes, dank memes, and food pics to make everyone hungry, kthnx, you’re in.


That PvE Life Tho

Guild Missions for social fun, Dungeons for nostalgia wins, and T4 Fractals for that sweet, sweet loot.  [Phi] rocks all sides of PvE.

We are launching a Fractal Initiative to get peeps with all levels of experience worked up to T4’s and CM’s. Ask an officer for more information, then join our Telegram chat to get rolling with us!


Raids are GW2’s most challenging PvE content and part of the Heart of Thorns end-game. For general info, check out the wiki.

[Phi] helps people set up static groups, and you’re welcome to set up your own. You’ll need to join our Telegram chat lobby and fill out the form once in to get started.

  • Access to the Telegram chat app and willingness to listen in on voice chat in Mumble. This is necessary for coordination and organization purposes.
  • A positive mentality. The general Code of Conduct applies. Constructive feedback is encouraged across the board.
  • Willingness to spend time preparing and improving on your own – watching videos of the encounters, practicing your rotation on the golem, etc. If you need help, feel free to contact one of our raid mentors!
  • At least one raid ready character.
Raid min. reqs
  • Understanding the basics of what a raid is in GW2 and the fundamental mechanics, like toughness based aggro and defiance bars. Consult the wiki, ask one of our mentors, or ask around in guild chat if you need help with this. If you do not have all raid masteries unlocked, make sure to let your group know.
  • A build that is up to par with the current meta. We disclose all builds freely and you may be asked to change something for the good of the team. Even if you don’t agree with something, an open mind to just try it is heavily appreciated.
  • Appropriate gear and consumables for your build. Exotic armor is acceptable, but please make sure you have ascended weapons and trinkets, remember to slot runes and sigils, and remember to bring food and utility boosts.

Mentors help guildies one-on-one with raids – mainly with builds and classes, including DPS and rotation checks.

See the full list of mentors here.

Apply to become a mentor here (we’d love for you to get on board)!


[Phi]’s home server is Dragonbrand and a lot of us enjoy this gamemode. We’re always looking for more people to take with us to the mist wars – if you’re interested in joining, read on!

We intentionally practice tactics and strategies in order to be as efficient and effective as possible. Our manner is casual. Our attitude isn’t.

If you are not on Dragonbrand but want to be, we have a server transfer assistance fund. For more information, check the description on our WvW channel in Mumble.


Here’s our Mumble server info:
Port  2887
Username  Any unregistered name
Password Check the Guild’s message of the day


Guild chat doesn’t stop when you quit the game.
Join us on Telegram and chat anytime!

Telegram is available as on browser, PC/Mac, and smartphone.

Message Tabs in game to join the Phi chat.